• Served as the interim CEO and BSA/Compliance Officer of a Federal savings bank with $600 million in trust assets under management
  • Conducted the investigations of numerous failed banks, credit unions and savings and loans for evidence of fraud, negligence and/or professional malpractice for various state and federal regulators.
  • Provided investigation and testimony relative to the successful defense of a fidelity bond claim on behalf of the insurer.
  • Assisted a large Canadian bank with due diligence of the accounts of a U.S. bank being acquired after evidence of potential money laundering surfaced.
  • Investigated the closure of 45 credit unions and loan and investment banks, as well as the failure of a state deposit insurance fund. Examined records and conducted interviews of employees and borrowers. Testified before state officials at public hearings and in state court regarding criminal activity.
  • Quantified economic damages considering the timing of specific events, or transactions or omissions, analyzing the causal links between liability and damages, and applying a computed cost of capital involving commercial, consumer and mortgage lending litigation matters.
  • Provided consulting services to a State Attorney General's office and their outside counsel relative to allegations of conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty and lack of disclosure concerning real estate investments for state pension funds.
  • Testified on behalf of a financial institution concerning allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, duty of care, conflicts of interest and usurping of corporate opportunity by the bank president.
  • Provided consulting services to banks, savings and loans and regulatory agencies regarding troubled loan restructuring.
  • Testified in Bankruptcy Court on the propriety of a borrower's actions and written statements based on allegations of fraud.
  • Provided analysis and testimony regarding financial capacity for plaintiffs in a patent infringement matter involving two of the three largest manufacturers of modular furniture.
  • Consulted to a large finance company as the largest creditor in a bankruptcy matter involving the tracing of sales proceeds, loan proceeds and inventory, as well as reconstructing financial records.
  • Traced funds to and from various labor union accounts utilized in a construction project for evidence of alleged money laundering.
  • Investigated the alleged illegal practices of a subprime mortgage loan company that was found to be in violation of numerous Federal laws over a 12-year period.
  • Provided valuation reviews and mark-to-market valuations for financial institutions considering sale or acquisitions in private as well as government assisted transactions.
  • Provided testimony on behalf of a community bank that was sued by a borrower alleging wrongful foreclosure.
  • Investigated an alleged fraudulent credit card scheme on behalf of two law firms retained by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation subsequent to the failure of a commercial bank in the Midwest. In addition to the bank, the investigation included the review of the operations of a travel agency and a telemarketing firm in the Southeast and a data processor located in Texas.
  • Provided assistance to the Trustee overseeing the liquidation of a securities broker - dealer. Assistance included help with discovery, review of documents, tracing of misappropriated funds and expert consulting concerning the broker's banking relationships.
  • Assisted court - appointed counsel with the defense of an attorney accused of tax evasion and fraud. Provided interview and deposition assistance as well as the review and critique of the Government's calculation of income, expenses, taxes, interest and penalties.
  • Worked with inside counsel to a large international insurance company to assess a claim brought by a Fortune 100 company under a fidelity bond. The issues involved the diversion of payments being made on a portfolio of asset based loans.
  • Performed a loan portfolio review for one of the largest banks in the Dominican Republic. The review was initiated following an exam performed on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, "The IMF," and included the review of the largest loans in the bank for ability to collect as well as compliance with bank policy and local regulations.
  • Provided expert testimony regarding forged endorsements and check processing.
  • Reviewed a porfolio of over 5,000 subprime mortgage loans including 'scratch and dent' loans for compliance with underwriting guidelines.
  • Provided anti money laundering policies, procedures and training for a Canadian real estate company.


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